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This is the index page of the Buckles and Fittings area of Designerleathercraft showing the belt buckles, buckles for handbags, handbag fittings and links and trims. I have so many of these to add that they will need their own space.

My original  belt buckles links & trims  page on the main site still shows a few available belt buckles but I will be adding more pages here as I reorganize this page and photograph the new buckles and more of my large collection of individual buckles including brass buckles will be moved here. I also have some very nice quality links and clips for handbags.

Some of the belt buckles, strap buckles and handbag fittings here will be for sale individually for your own craft projects and some only for sale with my belts and handbags. My minimum charge for a single buckle or fitting including p&p to the UK will be 6 paid by Paypal  or 6.50 if  paid by cheque.

I plan to eventually have a page for the buckles for sale individually linked to the shopping cart that I am currently integrating but that’s sometime away so in the meantime please email or call if you are looking to buy an individual buckle.

My orders for leathergoods page will give you an update on the current situation for belt orders as these are seasonal largely due to the weather as the windows have to be open when the glue pot is open !

You’ll have arrived here looking for buckles for belts or handbags but if you have time you might like to take a look around some of the shearling accessories and jewellery that I have for sale.

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